Deacon Art Miller Addresses EHHS JAG

Deacon Art Miller, whose work on social justice and civil rights stretches over much of the country and several decades, addressed students in the East Hartford High School JAG program last month.

Deacon Miller is a friend to the JAG CT program, having helped with the new Specialist training by providing a talk and framework on earned and unearned advantage and disadvantage. His presentation at East Hartford High was attended by both JAG and other students.

EHHS JAG Specialist Patty Damiani invited Deacon Miller to address her students on the importance of education, attitude and motivation.

“Deacon Miller spoke about his experiences growing up during the civil rights movement — of everyone’s worth and how you could come from nothing and build yourself into something great through education and hard work,” Ms. Damiani recalled. “He spoke a lot about kindness and sticking up for people who need it.  Basically, he made the students realize that they can  make a difference in the world by being kind, educated and driven.

“My students were very interested in all he had to say,” she added. “I could see the look in some of my students’ faces and knew he got through to them.  Also, he helped one student in particular after by helping him get into Capital.  He was a great inspiration to my students and to myself!”

Deacon Miller works as the Director of African American Affairs at the Archdiocese of Hartford, and has worked for many years on voting rights, ant-violence efforts in Hartford and elsewhere, and other social justice causes. He is also the author of a book about his experience as a childhood friend of Emmett Till.

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