Future Prospects in Criminology


JAG Students at the NBHS Satellite Careers Academy were proud to welcome Prof. Trevor Johnson and his compatriots to our JAG classroom this past Thursday, November 12. Prof. Johnson works in the Criminology and Justice department at Central Connecticut State University and has worked in CT court systems in recent years. Introduced in conjunction with the students of Mr. Kerrigan’s Career Planning class, Mr. Johnson’s presentation focused on entering the career field of criminology with the right mind set.

The presentation focused on opportunity and attitude. Students were asked personal questions about their lives, values, and how they were raised. Their situations, coupled with a drive to succeed and the maturity to work in an ever growing, taxing field like Criminal Justice were key components in his list of traits an individual needs to become a part of his world.


Several students in both classes have expressed a desire to enter the field of criminology and as such found Prof. Johnson an entertaining and informative source of information; expressing how his sentiments regarding the value of maturity and dedication to one’s goals fell in line with the JAG Competency curriculum’s focus on these values in the holistic attempt to better the career identity of incipient professionals.


Following Prof. Johnson was retired Air Force veteran Paul Peterson. His presentation focused on entrance and maintained membership into the armed services of America. Having served our country, Mr. Peterson provided an insider’s look into the comings and goings of what it meant to be an officer: presentation of one’s self, attentiveness to detail, and the application of effort. The theme of application of one’s skills was¬†evident in both presentations as noted by students after the fact. Mr. Peterson finished his presentation with this wonderful sentiment in reference to the wearing of hats and respect paid to veterans in public places: “I don’t care what’s on your head. My greatest concern is what’s inside it.”

We at the Satellite Careers Academy branch of JAG were honored by their presence and would like to extend our sincerest thanks for their truthful and informative presentations.


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