Helping New Britain Families in Need

food drive (2)

The “hunger heroes” is what Kyara Vargas, senior at New Britain High School, said we should call ourselves here in the JAG Program. Throughout the month of September, the JAG Career Association members promoted a can drive for hunger action month. The students made posters, shared messages on the morning announcements and spread the word during passing time.

Originally, students wanted to donate the collection to a local homeless shelter for children and families. However, there was a change in the drop-off destination when the can drive was completed. In the early month of October, there was a tragic house fire that devastated three New Britain families, leaving them with an endless amount of loss of a loved one and a life’s worth of belongings. The JAG students wanted to help by donating the proceeds of the canned goods and the nonperishable food items to the victims. Over a five week span, the students and faculty members here at N.B.H.S. donated six large shopping bags of food items.

The collection of food items was brought to Chamberlain Elementary School where two of the house fire victims attended school. As a community, there were many items donated including, clothing, toys and food items. As the N.B.H.S. JAG Program our hearts were filled knowing that the contribution was going to those who needed it most at such a difficult time.

In the photo above are seniors Kevon Bradley, Catera Haughton and junior Samantha Kilduff.

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