JAG Participants at James HillHouse High School Explore the Skill of Professionalism!












It is only the second week of school and these JAG participants are ready to learn and work hard.

This week the students explored the skills and characteristics of Professionalism. They were informed that in order to succeed and move ahead not only in the JAG program, but in life, they will need to demonstrate professionalism. Through small group discussions, they identified and described what it means to be professional. They discovered how important it is to be professional through an in depth class discussion.

The participants realized that professionalism means conducting oneself with responsibility, integrity, accountability, and excellence.  After this lesson, many of the students pledged to demonstrate professionalism at all times. This activity helped establish a positive learning environment for the JAG classroom. In addition to this, it also helped students understand how much the skill of professionalism can help them communicate effectively and appropriately.

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