Mayor to MHS JAG Students: People Skills Prevail

Manchester High School JAG’s first guest speaker of the year was Mayor Jay Moran, who answered questions on everything ranging from his sleep schedule, parliamentary procedure, how he balances his two jobs and prioritizing family.

MHS’s JAG Specialist Justine Meyer arranged the visit, asking Mayor Moran to speak in particular about how elected bodies make decisions, since JAG students will soon be electing officers to lead them through the JAG Career Association projects that will take place over the year.

But the Mayor touched on far more, including the death of his daughter more than 10 years ago, and how that experience has shaped his outlook.

“Once I had a boss tell me, ‘Nothing seems to bother you,'” Mayor Moran told the class. “People also ask me how I can get along with so many different people… You need to respect other people. You may not agree with everything they say, but you can take a little of what you said and a little of what I said.”

Mayor Moran also works as the director of athletics for Southern Connecticut State University. That makes for a very full schedule, and means he sometimes emails his staff at 3 am.

“I could never be a 9 to 5 person,” he said.MHS students mayor 9 21 2015

He told students about his own college experience and early career, and advised students to find a mentor, and to look for ways to get along with everyone.

“People skills are the most important thing,” he said. “When people throw punches at me – I just let them throw the punches. I don’t punch back.”

MHS’s JAG students had many questions, and also invited Mayor Moran to their upcoming Installation and Initiation Ceremony, which will honor JAG’s elected officers and also all the student members of JAG’c Career Association. The Career Association is led by students and is a core element of JAG. Students will design and carry out community service projects throughout the year to reinforce the leadership and professional skills they are learning in JAG.

Pictured above are MHS English teacher Angelina Dale, who will be a member of JAG’s Advisory Committee, at left, with Mayor Moran and Justine Meyer, at right.

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