Manchester Community Honors JAG Students and Officers

Congratulations to Manchester High School JAG Students and Specialist Justine Meyer for a successful Initiation and Installation Ceremony last Friday!

Mayor Jay Moran, State Representative Mark Tweedie, Principal Jill Krieger and Keynote Speaker Ryan Parker were among the guests and family members who gathered to witness the swearing-in of elected Career Association officers and all members of the Career Association itself.IMG_8362

“At first I thought JAG would just help me get a job,” Career Association President Victoria Leon told the crowd. “But already Mrs. Meyer has taught us a lot of other life skills. She helps us sit down and think about where we want to go and what that takes.

“I have As and Bs now in all my other classes because of JAG,” she added. “It’s helping me stay on top of other things.”

Students worked hard to plan the event and decorate the venue. JAG student Cassandra (Cassy) Barrett also worked on her own to create and decorate a selection of cupcakes that added an elegant touch to the event!JAG-CT-cupcakes-galore

Students also selected Ryan Parker for the keynote speaker, and the Illing Middle School teacher and poet shared his story of growing up next door to a crack house in Norwich.

“I didn’t want to be like that,” he said. “It made me determined to go to college and made me competitive to succeed.

“By committing to be part of JAG and this experience,” he continued. “you are taking the first steps to success. Remember who you want to be.”





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