Rep. Tweedie Visit MHS JAG Students

State Rep. Mark Tweedie returned last week to his alma mater – Manchester High School, where he spoke with students in Justine Meyer’s JAG class about getting elected, being successful – and the difference between making tea and making teeth.

A 1974 graduate of MHS, Tweedie shared with students how his mother’s death when he was a freshman led to a lot of absences and a struggle to graduate.

But he also shared some advice that’s the essence of JAG: “Education is an important element in getting a job,” he said. “But it’s how you conduct yourself among people you work with, and for, that’s most important.”

He also asked students about their aspirations, talked about going door-to-door while running for office, and advised students about the importance of a high school diploma and good work habits.

“If your’re willing to work,” he said, “people will hire you.”

A humorous note came early on when Tweedie described how after high school, he got a job making teeth for his girlfriend’s father. This skill served him well when he went into the Navy, secured employment as a dental technician, and later when he opened his own business – Tweedie Dental Arts, still in operation, on Center St.

Students listened quietly for a time, until one asked about the technicalities of making tea – allowing Tweedie to make clear he was making TEETH – not tea.

Thanks to Rep. Tweedie for his time and interest in MHS JAG!



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