Teamwork works at New Horizons

IMG_0604[1] IMG_0605[1]

Senior New Horizons students Nick Davis, Terrance Draughn, Lamar Parker and Ronnaisa Shepard demonstrate effective teamwork during their JAG class. New Horizons’ JAG students were given the task of working with straws and masking tape to create a structure which will be used to catch a golf ball, dropped from 3 feet.

As a JAG specialist, I focus on teaching my students how to recognize successful teamwork both in school and the workplace. Several of the JAG competencies include team membership and team leadership.

Each team was given the same materials and the freedom to create their structure. Such activities support crucial skills including an ability to work effectively and respectfully with diverse teams, flexibility and willingness to help each other in making needed compromises to accomplish a common goal, and sharing responsibility for collaborative work. Students also saw individual contributions made by each team member.


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